Yii 2.0.35

Published on June 3, 2020 at 1:03:36 AM GMT+8 by Administrator

Latest update of PHP Yii2 Framework

Yii 2.0.35

Yii2 is one of the best and stable PHP framework that developer has chose. It's secure, fast and reliable and it is very good for fast and rapid development as it comes with CRUD code generator.

Just like Laravel, Yii2 utilizes the DRY coding rule, which is very helpful for writing a well-structured and sophisticated code base. It has lot of built-in widgets to validate or output data quickly with AJAX support.

Latest version of 2.0.35 is officially launch on May 2, 2020. Lot of changes have been updated to improve the security and performance of the famous PHP framework. Here are the list of updates that had been made.

  • Bug #16481: Fix RBAC MSSQL trigger (achretien)
  • Bug #17653: Fix TypeError: pair[1] is undefined when query param doesn't have = sign (baso10)
  • Bug #17810: Fix EachValidator crashing with uninitialized typed properties (ricardomm85)
  • Bug #17942: Fix for DbCache loop in MySQL QueryBuilder (alex-code)
  • Bug #17948: Ignore errors caused by set_time_limit(0) (brandonkelly)
  • Bug #17960: Fix unsigned primary key type mapping for SQLite (bizley)
  • Bug #17961: Fix pagination pageSizeLimit ignored if set as array with more then 2 elements (tsvetiligo)
  • Bug #17974: Fix ActiveRelationTrait compatibility with PHP 7.4 (Ximich)
  • Bug #17975: Fix deleting unused messages with console command if message tables were created manually (auerswald, cebe)
  • Bug #17991: Improve yii\db\Connection master and slave failover, no connection attempt was made when all servers are marked as unavailable (cebe)
  • Bug #18000: PK value of Oracle ActiveRecord is missing after save (mankwok)
  • Bug #18010: Allow upper or lower case operators in InCondition and LikeCondition (alex-code)
  • Bug #18011: Add attribute labels support for DynamicModel, fixed EachValidator to pass the attribute label to the underlying DynamicModel (storch)
  • Enh #17758: Query::withQuery() can now be used for CTE (sartor)
  • Enh #17993: Add yii\i18n\Formatter::$currencyDecimalSeparator to allow setting custom symbols for currency decimal in IntlNumberFormatter (XPOHOC269)
  • Enh #18006: Allow SameSite cookie pre PHP 7.3 (scottix)
  • Enh #18019: Allow jQuery 3.5.0 to be installed (wouter90)