Programming is not just about coding

Published on November 23, 2019 at 10:02:37 AM GMT+8 by Administrator

Programming are not just about coding, it involves all aspect of engineering in building sustainable and maintainable system.

Programming is not just about coding

Nowadays on the era of technology evolve in much faster ways, there's always says that one should learn to code right since all of the industries right now is moving towards IT solutions to automate most of the operations. By learning how to code, one would have better jobs hence can bring benefits to the economy.

Except, it is just not so true. This is because that coding without any plan or engineered solutions would bring up a mess in the future after the system being deployed. Yes, it might work for the time being, but in term of scalability, sustainability and maintainability could be a disaster as the system is deployed and coded without a proper engineer planning.

For business leaders, failing to understand what programming actually involves can lead to a really poor engineering culture. A reductive view of the work that software engineers do mean increased pressure, more burnout and lower quality software being delivered.

In turn, that has a negative impact on the bottom line. It might not be immediately apparent but poor software means code rewrites, poor user experiences, and high turnover of personnel. That costs money because organizations will be spending valuable time and energy trying to fix mistakes of the past.

Hence, one should always bear in mind and always follow the Software Development Methodologies before proceeding to code. All software that build must have a proper design planning which the design planning consists of proper documentation for future references.