New CMS Channel - Call centre integration (Asterisk PABX)

Published on December 13, 2021 at 6:08:39 PM GMT+8 by Administrator

Introducing new channel on our Case Management System product line

New CMS Channel - Call centre integration (Asterisk PABX)

Our Case/Incident Management System enables you to establish and follow consistent procedures for case and incident planning and administration, recording, triaging, routing, investigating, tracking, and closure. You can report cases from multiple sources, such as emails, hotlines, and intranet portals, with the option of anonymity. Cases/incidents can be aligned to organizations, processes, controls, risks, policies, and regulations to identify compliance or regulatory risk.

Now with new Channel introduce in the line (Call Centre) solution enables you and your team to manage turn-around-time well between your agent and your precious customer or client.

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