MVC in Framework

Published on December 14, 2019 at 1:29:52 AM GMT+8 by Administrator

What is MVC and why does it is important?

MVC in Framework

MVC - Model View Controller is a common terms that we can hear nowadays in system development but what it is actually about and why does it is important?

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Here is a sample image that explain roughly on how does MVC framework works with each other, it's basically consists of model, view and controller detailed as follow:

Model: Model is an entity OR object that consists list of attributes and functions. It can be view as a representation of  real-world knowledge that the application stores, processes and delivers to end user.

View: It is used for all the UI logic of the applications. Usually it will display the model that the controller pass to it.

Controller: Act as an interface that control all the request and responds. As request coming in from user, the controller will manipulate the models respectively and display it by rendering view file accordingly.

Why does it important in system development?

The main key is why framework is used is because it act as the foundation of how the system structure will be. Usually a framework will include a predefined classes OR object that helps increase the productivity of developers. The framework structure usually separate the system configurations, models, views and controllers file accordingly to its own folder group. This will help the developer to identify and always known where the specific file location should be, especially during the maintenance process of the system where there might be changes of person in charge on maintaining the system.

Therefore, it is recommended that the developer always need to follow the actual structure of the framework.